Wednesday, April 3, 2013


We were over the moon excited for Kensi to dye her first Easter eggs this year. We have a tradition where we always color our eggs on the floor and drink our beers. This all started a few years ago when we lived in Maryland and our apartment flooded leaving us with a torn up living room and one cold concrete floor. We had to make the most of our situation; what do you turned into a tradition! 
We put Kensi in a white onesie, yes you read that right, I said white. We wanted to showcase her mess in all its glory! Although, after she dyed her first egg in green and I realized that she would not be wearing tights with her dress in the morning, we switched to light colors to avoid further staining on her skin. 

Little weirdo, she is so my child. Of course she had to put the newly dyed egg into her mouth with vinegar and all! 
Even though this picture shows Kensi giving us the "whiskey tango" face, she went back for more vinegar with her fingers and the egg many, many, many times!

You may think we're crazy, but I love the mess from the dye on the white towel. It will get added to each year, as long as I can keep the stains on it.
Pure Braden-Style.
We ended the night with a little treat. This was mine and Kensi's first taste of a peep. How have I gone so long without trying these sugar coated mallows???? All I can say is watch out next year Peeps, because you're definitely getting used!

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