Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Thanks to one of my fellow June 2012 moms, I created smoothie pops for Kensi. All the credit goes to G's mom who shared this idea by using applesauce and juice. So creative! Kensi loves smoothies and will often share mine. But since teething and with summer coming soon, I decided to try this bright idea with smoothies. Kensi has stopped taking a binkie/pacifier a few months ago, so for us this was a perfect way to get more use out of her unused binkies.
I started by making a basic smoothie and to be honest I have no real recipe. I toss different items that I find in the fridge and freezer and it's done. I do use coconut milk instead of juice and I always add flax seed and wheat germ (no more than a tablespoon of each). I love mixing fruits and vegetables together along with fresh herbs like parsley. 
Make your smoothie, pour it into an ice cube tray and place a pacifier into each filled cube. The binkies with the flippy handle I think work best because it's easier to hold, but Kensi holds the smoothie pop in every way possible, so she gets messy and doesn't care.
Pop the ice cube tray int he freezer for a few hours until they set. When they're frozen through, twist your tray and the pops should pop right out!

Now you have the perfect sized healthy cold snack for your baby!
Thank you again G's mom for sharing such a bright idea!

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