Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Telling you that life has been busy here is flat out an understatement. Aside from constantly being on the go, our computer is crashing out on us, which of course means it's time for a new one. It's a good, but a bad thing. I've also thrown myself into full throttle birthday planning mode! I'm working on a birthday planning post for all of you. And of course trying to bust my butt getting new items for Cute.Cravings ready to go! All with a 10 month old and living with family.....ahhhhh!!!!! 
Our weather has finally turned nice, but apparently it's short lived and suppose to turn crummy yet again after today. We have taken full advantage of being outside on our nice weather days. We've been shopping for spring, working outside and on our garden. While out and about we did find some cute spring/summer clothes for the babe along with her adorable aqua blue sunglasses that I've been searching for the perfect pair for weeks! Every time I say she can't get any cuter, she proves me wrong, but then again I'm totally biased!
 Garage sale season has also officially begun! My mom and I hit up about 8 different sales in one neighborhood last weekend. I kept my eyes out for  girl clothes and to be honest they were hard to find. I spent a total of $4.75 (whoopie), BUT I found an adorable denim dress with bloomers and a pair of leggings with cute little birds printed on them (great for next year). Garage sales can be hard to find great items sometimes, but if you look hard enough you really can find some great finds.
 Kensi absolutely loves playing outside. She constantly wants to be put down and crawl through the grass and on the drive way. I ordered her some shoes, but they're not here yet and when she crawled around on the deck for the first time, I spent 30 minutes of her nap pulling out splinters! Which by the way if you have to do it, put a baking soda/water paste mixture on first, let it dry, then pull out the splinters. It creates a massive mess, so if you want go ahead and put a band-aid on top until it dries. It brings them to the surface and will make your life so much easier!
 I took these photos the same day Kensi went wild in the flower pots, scooping dirt out from every possible pot she could find. Here, her and Stella were playing with Stella's bone, which Kensi has claimed partly hers....Stella doesn't agree, but seriously what can she do?

Working oh so hard to get a pebble. 
UGH, Seriously! She's such a little nugget of cuteness!

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  1. She's so cute! I love garge sales too. I've been waiting all winter for garage sale season! :)


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