Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Step Numero Dos: Going
to the design studio is like a kid going into a candy store. We were able to drop in before our appointment just to take the edge off, which definitely helped and we highly recommend you doing so if possible. Think about when you go shopping. You see this adorable dress. But you instead of buying roght away, you window shop it for a week or so, revisiting it to find if you really love it as much as you did when you forst laid eyes on it. After looking at the dress for awhile it doesn't seem as cute. This is the same thing. You're taking the urge to splurge away. 
When choosing your upgrades, think about the bones of the house. It's important to make the structure of the house the way you want it, because once it's built there are certain things that cannot be changed and other things that will be very difficult to change. 
For our upgrades, we chose mostly structural items. We upgraded our ceilings to 9 feet, added gutters, a water softner line and added recess lights in the kitchen. We also upgraded our cabinets in height and I won the battle for the front door, I've always dreamed about my front door, have you?  For everything else, we went standard, including all our flooring and fixtures. 
Yes we actually chose to keep the vinyl flooring and basic plain fixtures. These are things that can be updated with time and by doing them on our own we are saving a lot more money in the end. If we were to add all these upgrades into the price of our house, it will become part of our mortage which we'll then be paying on for 15-30 years. So that harmless upgraded faucet for a mere $150.00 actually turns into.....a whole lot more cash! That faucet doesn't seem so appealing any more, huh? I know how easy it can be when picking out all these little details of a house, because anyone would want it to be perfect....but it will be even better and appreciated so much more over time, espeically when so much money is being saved. 

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