Tuesday, November 19, 2013


It’s finally starting to cool down a bit here, which makes wearing everything cozy so much better. We often claim Friday night as our movie night, but now that Mike doesn’t work on Friday’s, we use Thursday as our late night date night. No matter what we do, we find ourselves on the couch curled up with a movie more often than not. 
Even Kensi is beginning to cozy herself up on the couch for a movie with us and it melts my heart. I love our little family.

Cozy Throw - It’s been said, I hoard blankets. Mike knows I have a huge weakness and so do others in my family. Our favorite blanket is Pottery Barn’s Ivory Grand Chenille Throw. It’s so cozy, my sister calls it the coma blanket. You can literally wrap yourself up like a cocoon and you’re not going anywhere.
Popcorn - We always make our own popcorn using our Stir Crazy and usually dress it with olive oil and a little salt, sometimes even parmesan cheese...yum! But sometimes we need a sweet fix. If it’s not caramel popcorn from a local shop, we’ll make a popcorn mix depending on the season like puppy chow. There are hundreds of mix recipes especially on Pinterest and for every season & holiday imaginable!
Individual Bowls - If it’s just Mike and I on the couch sharing popcorn, then we dive into one bowl, but if we want different things or if there’s multiple people we will often do individual bowls. This works great because everyone can dress their own bowl with different goodies. Not a popcorn person? Fill your bowl with a combo of sweet candies just like the movie theatre....gummy worms, Skittles, M&M’s, nuts.
Jams - Are you really that comfy sitting on the couch in your jeans? I know I’m not and I love wearing sweats or some flannel jam pants in the cold months. My current crush is J.Crew’s Flannel Pants.
Paper Straws - We keep these on hand most of the year. Kensi loves playing with them, but they’re so cute and make everyday a little festive.

Since it’s the beginning of the festive holiday season here are some of our can’t miss movies.
The Holiday
Love Actually
Christmas Vacation
The Christmas Story
Miracle on 34th Street
The Grinch
Home Alone 1 & 2

This list could go on and on....

Kensi has become quite the little popcorn snitch!
Happy Movie Night!

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