Monday, November 4, 2013


There are many things I’m obsessed with, baby shoes, socks, coffee mugs, fabric, paper, anything small, books and pajamas, pajamas, pajamas. Especially for Kensi. She spends a lot of time in jams, they’re easy to play in and they’re comfy...all perfect for us since we stay and play at home most of the time. Some of our favorite brands of jams are Baby Gap and Carters. They wear well and last longer than most I’ve experienced. 
We are super excited because all the holiday jams are filling up the racks in the stores, which means we have to have a few pairs to be festive at all times of the day during this holiday season. Earlier this week I was catching up on some of Marissa’s posts over at The Simple Swan and on Instagram, she mentioned Target had their Christmas jams of course I made stop earlier this week and picked some up for Kensi. I was a little apprehensive about purchasing fleece jams because Kensi can get so hot, just like her daddy, but she wore them last night to bed and she slept great! I’ll give the jams credit.  Some of our favorites this year...

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