Thursday, November 28, 2013


I’m always on the lookout for fun, simple, well made, unique toys that allow Kensi to play without having everything coached to her. Our plan this year for Christmas was to give her an adorable buggy style doll stroller, but if you read our other posts, then you know that won’t be delivered until spring! Kensi enjoys doing lots of things mommy and daddy do. She helps us make our coffee each morning by placing the pod in the machine and pressing the buttons (this and our phone is as much tech toy-ish exposure she really gets). She also loves to help us prepare meals and even does a great job scooping, pouring and mixing. 
When I was little and I had my own play kitchen I loved my little coffee maker that actually let water run through when you pressed the button, or my plastic eggs that held an egg with yolk on the inside. Why did I love those toys so much? Because to me, they were as close to the real thing. 
I’m gushing over the appliance toys they’re creating for play kitchens such as the toasters, stand mixers and coffee makers. Kids love these items for the same reasons I loved my similar toys. Now I lean towards wooden toys because they are built to last. I’m usually not going to find bits and pieces of a broken plastic handle all over the floor when someone accidentally steps on it. 
Toy companies such as Hape, Plan, and Haba are leaders in the wooden toy era. However, I’m not always a fan of the bold colors offered, but they’re adorable nonetheless. I’m loving Pottery Barn Kids Wooden Appliances. Their neutral cream color palette will go with any playroom decor and like several of the other wooden toys by other companies, they’re gender neutral.  My most favorite attribute of Pottery Barn Wooden Appliances are the accessories. How can you not just explode with happiness over the little honey jar that goes with the toaster?? 
Of course kidlits don’t need every appliance for their play kitchen {if they have a play kitchen that don’t necessarily need one!} First of all, where are they going to store all of these appliances? Ha, same issue we all have right? But how fun it would be for them to have a gem like one of these to spark their inner-chef. Are these not the cutest play breakfast accessories you ever did see?

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