Friday, November 1, 2013


Last night was awesome! Kensi's first official Halloween with trick or treating was so. much. fun! Of course she decided to cut her afternoon nap short and was a bit of a crankster, but she willingly walked on her own and rang the doorbells. We made it to about 5 or 6 houses before the hunger pains set in and we walked back home. 
She was more excited about touching and seeing everyone's yard decorations more so than getting the candy, but that's okay. 

I literally finished Mike's costume about 20 minutes before he came home yesterday. All of our costumes were created with items we already had and some fabric I bought from the store. 
My Costume: I already had my boots {that killed my feet and my back}, my white shirt and my buckled belt. 
I made my skirt by guess and by golly as my mom says. I cut two squares of fabric, laid them on top of each other making a star-ish shape and cut a circle out of the middle; roughly the size of my waist. Then, I sewed the pieces together and added elastic and I called it done. 
For my corset/belt I simply wrapped a long piece of black knit fabric and did the same for my headband. I added gold hoop earrings and extra black eyeliner to finish the look. 

Mike's Costume: I was a little nervous about his costume because this was the first 'guys' costume I have created and I didn't know how it was going to turn out. I knew the key pieces for his costume were the shirt and vest/coat. I looked at the Salvation Army and Goodwill stores for weeks and couldn't find anything that was his size, but I always start there first. I ended up buying his very inexpensive black sweatpants and a white long sleeved tshirt. I didn't mess with te pants at all. For the shirt I cut out the collar around the neck and cut a v-shape down the front of his chest. Then, I hot glued lace trim {from the fabric store} down the v of the neck and around the cuffs at the wrists. It worked perfectly! 
His vest was a little tricky. I bought faux leather fabric and used one of Mike's t-shirts as a guide for size and used this pattern just for an idea to draw my shape. Then, I sewed the shoulders together and up the sides. I also added a few gold buttons to the front. 
Mike's bandana was just like mine, just in a different fabric and his black dreads were made from the extra black knit fabric I had and they were just braided and stuffed into the bandana.  

Kensington's Costume: This costume took a little time since I had to pin the feather boas around the entire onesie. I actually did it twice, the first time it was too tight and she freaked out when I put it on. The great thing about this costume is you can really do anything with your colors. I found a basic picture of a parrot to use as a guide. {Click Here} to see the earlier post for the parrot costume. 

Is it weird that I'm already thinking about our costumes for next year with the hope of adding a newborn baby costume into the mix?!!? Hmmm....

We hope all of you had a great Halloween, it's a little sad to say adios to October, but I'm so ready for November! 

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