Wednesday, November 6, 2013


There are so many things to love about fall, November is one of my favorite months because it's my birthday month! Today we started my birthday week celebration with a family lunch date at the delicious Epic Food and a dessert at Apple Annie's, our go-to bakery in Wilmington. 
Kensi started running once she saw the door to Apple Annie's and literally jumped  when she saw her favorite little butter cookies. There's nothing better than walking with your loves, breathing in the cool crisp autumn air, nibbling on a chocolate covered macaroon. For me, that's perfect. 

As for some of our other favorites for fall...
1} Eos Lip Balm - I go through lip balm as if there's no tomorrow. I have multiple different kinds floating everywhere because I lose them all the time. I'm currently crushing on Eos. I love the shape because it's different than every other one I've had in the past, my only problem right now is I often confuse it with the 6 clementines I carry in my purse for Kensi's snacks!

2} Headbands - Headbands have often been my accessory of choice. Kensi now wears some old ones that were falling apart, but now are destroyed. I love the many different styles to wear your hair, it makes the basic down or ponytail not so boring too. Some of my favorites are from Ulta & Target.
3} Banners & Garlands - Last year I made a burlap banner that I hung on our fireplace mantel, but it can be hung across a dress, window, mirror or doorway. I'm always digging a lot of glitter and several shops carry glittered banners that are adorable. Check out Yellow Bird, Yellow Beard you'll love them! Once we move into the new house, each of our festive holidays will be glittered up!
4}Slippers - h to the yes! Bring out the slippers! Mike and I got each other slippers a few years ago for Christmas....I actually bought his first, he saw I had ordered them, then bought mine. It was an exciting disaster of a surprise at the time, but my point....they're super comfy, warm and wear well. I love the all white faux fur ones at Baby Gap for littles.
5}Vests - As you can see even Kensi is sporting a vest this year, her’s came from Target. I prefer vests over heavier coats because I'm constantly in the battle of hot and cold. I recently purchased a faux fur vest from Brickyardbuffalo {another favorite for deals and steals!} check them out, once you do, you'll be hooked!
6}White & Gold Pumpkins - always one of my favorites for fall and especially thanksgiving. They are classy, neutral and timeless. I love all the ways you can decorate them too.....monograms, glitter, patterns...the possibilities are endless.
7} Belts - Chunky brown belts are a must for fall. Sometimes I’ll buy my skinny belts a size smaller so I can wear it around my tummy instead of my waist, this is one my favorites to do especially with a belly bump growing.

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