Thursday, February 25, 2016

easter baskets

Another year for Easter baskets is here again. I think the baskets are getting a little harder each time. Trying to find creative and fun items not found everyday can be challenging, but I love putting together themed baskets. It's a weird thing I love; trying to find the cutest little items to make a fun and interesting basket usually based on a book only seems fitting since we have books scattered throughout the house. 
Kensi has been asking for rain boots and an umbrella for quite some time so her basket has a little bit of a water theme this year, which pairs well with her current obsession with mermaids. We gave Kensi her BlaBla Melody Mermaid last year for her birthday which travels a lot with us. I came across Sophie and LiLi’s handmade mermaid doll for her basket this year. Lots of pink and fun items that make splashing in puddles all the better!

Finn is a little more difficult. He will be 15 months old, but he seems older to me because he's constantly trying to keep up with his big sis, so a babyish Easter basket just isn't fitting for him. He's all boy and I know this summer he is going to making quite the mess outside playing in the dirt and water. I'm in love with his all boy basket and I think it will be perfect for his exploring side.

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