Friday, September 5, 2014


I'm officially starting the 3rd trimester!

How Far Along: 27 weeks
Weight Gained: 14 lbs 
Nausea: None 
How Am I Feeling: Pretty good!
Maternity Clothes: I’m wearing a mix of clothes; some maternity and some regular
Sleep: I’ve adjusted the pillow mountain in our bed and seem to be sleeping now.
Cravings: Fruit
Food Adversions: Pork
Movement: Yes! I've been feeling more and more movements throughout the day.
Belly Button In or Out: Out! It popped immediately around 8 weeks. 
Gender: Unknown. 
Names: We have a few girl names, but still need to work on the boy names.
What I'm Looking Forward To: Decorating the house for fall, my favorite favorite time of year.
What's Different With This Pregnancy: I’m getting stretch marks :( I got a few small ones with Kens, but the way this baby just curls into a ball has added a lot of pressure to my belly. They’re all around my bellybutton and I’m trying to embrace them....trying, but it’s hard.
What I'm Missing: I could really eat some sushi and pumpkin beer right about now.
How Are We Preparing: After Mike’s parents visit we’ll dive into working on things for the new babe.

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