Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Most days I find myself either hanging on the couch, scrolling through Pinterest while Kensi plays or I'm rushing through the house trying to clean and get things 'done'. I don't want to be the mom that doesn't pay attention to her kids playing or have them constantly hear me say "in a minute". I don't want them to feel that getting chores done are more important than sitting and playing with them. Like really playing. Of course I want my house to be clean and I'm still working on a daily to do list to make running the house easier day to day. But today we played and it was worth every dirty dish, load of laundry and crumb on the floor. 
Today she recognized nearly all her numbers 1-10 and she sorted things by size (a daddy, a mommy, a baby). 
She loves playing Starbucks; making me coffee and tea with sprinkles. 
She enjoys coloring A LOT and often wants the crayon I'm using. 
She struggles with large puzzles, but tries her best to fit the pieces together. 
It may drive me absolutely crazy that there are a million different small pieces of toys all over, but she's uses them to create her soup. And it was delicious. 

Today we played. We really played and it was fun. 

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