Thursday, September 18, 2014


It’s amazing that just two and half years or so ago I was compiling my wish list for my first baby and how much of it was based on what other people told me to register for and what I supposedly did and didn’t need. First of all, we all have different needs and prefer different things. I tried getting into the cloth diaper thing, it just isn’t for me. I tried every name brand disposable diaper and hated them all and if you’ve been a reader for some time now you know I’m an Honest diaper snob all the way. I registered for washcloths from Babies’R Us.....I hate hate hate them. They roll, don’t ever stay flat, like ever even after you wash them and iron them. Yes, I said iron. I have tried ironing them to stay flat, it doesn’t work. {BTW my favorite washcloths are Thirsties Fab Wipes, they are pretty awesome}
My point is, you’re not going to learn what you like until you’ve used it. Some things you’ll love and some things you’ll hate. I also had several people tell me that it wasn't necessary to register for some nicer items.  I can’t tell you how many times I heard “You can get by just fine with the cheaper brand.” It’s cheaper for a reason, and it’s usually based on quality.
So this time around I’m tossing some of my less than loved items like those washcloths and I’m snagging some new and favorited ones.

Velour Footed Leggings - These are some of my favorite leggings for baby from BabyGap and they’re perfect for the colder months. They are super soft and cozy. Kensi loved her footed leggings over the last two years and I had to pick up a couple pairs for the new nugget.

4Moms MamarooOver the past week we pulled out our Fisher Price swing while friends were visiting with their babies. We plugged it in and it wouldn’t turn on. The boys took apart the entire thing and found the motor was completely stripped. Awesome. I didn’t care for the thing to begin with, but that just made wanting a new swing turn into needing a new swing. My choice is the Mamaroo. I like the movement options, the functionality and the fact that it isn’t as bulky.

Satsuma Mittens - We used these with Kensi and LOVED them. They were the only little mittens that actually stayed on her little hands. I ended up giving a pair away to a friend who was in need after Kensi outgrew them. These are definitely a must have and make for a great baby gift.

Solly Wrap - I love using a body wraps when we’re out and about. To me it makes it much easier to get things done when wearing the babe and I can only imagine it will make my life easier as I’m with Kensi. Plus a little added weight when walking will help melt a few more pounds off, right?

Inglesina Table Chair - When Kensi was itty bitty we used a table top chair my parents had and once she grew we were given my mom’s vintage wood high chair she used. It’s an antique with no straps and we know it won’t bode well for the new babe for quite some time. We’re getting the Inglesina Table Chair to place at our bar or our dining table. It takes up less space than a full high chair and can easily collapse for travel.

Aden + Anais Dream Blanket - We love all our swaddle blankets we’ve purchased in the last two years and knew we needed one for the babe. Going with one our favorite brands for their breathable fabric and cute patterns.

Moccasins - Another favorite from our first. I love the fact that they actually stay on, they’re stylish and they keep those little toes covered! I’ve always purchased ours from Freshly Picked but I am loving the cute design and patterns from Mini Mocks Shop right now.

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