Tuesday, December 15, 2015

a beachy december afternoon

This morning Mike and I woke up and cozied up on the couch with coffee while Kens and Finn chomped on toast and happily played with Legos on the floor. It was such a lazy morning, but we all throroughly enjoyed it. It warmed up quickly so we decided to make a trip to the beach. It still weirds me out that we live in a beach town, but that's just the Midwest girl inside of me.

When we arrived to Wrightsville the temp began to drop and storm clouds began to move in, but it was none the less beautiful. We planned just to walk, but Kens and Finn were so excited to run around and collect seashells. We had a few instances where Mike and I kinda flipped out because Finn had a fistful of sand heading towards his mouth. He is such a crazy little man and always keeps us on our toes.

Speaking of toes, we dipped our feet in the Atlantic chilly water. Although cold, it was still refreshing and crazy because after all it's freaking December!

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