Friday, December 11, 2015

i will not go into debt

to amp up my Instagram. It's easy for me to get caught up in all the pretty pictures of people's homes. Especially when I'm sitting here looking at my less than perfect, generic house and decor. Mike and I have chosen to take a road far less traveled, a road where we will soon be debt free. We are making our house a home slowly. We have a strict budget that allows us a couple house projects for the entire year and a few small decor updates each month, most that require DIY. If you were to come into our house there are only nooks and corners completed. Everything else is in progress, it seems we have clutter, we just have poor storage. Another job on our to do list. We have barely any art on the walls, no hardware on our cabinets and a stamp for a tv. We will get there, slowly. We take it one little project at a time and sometimes I have to remind myself that it is in fact okay; because it's not worth going into debt to make my Instagrsm photos look pretty. They will get there, soon. Very soon. 

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