Friday, December 18, 2015

baby doll high chair

This year Mike and I are making two of the kids' Christmas gifts: a doll high chair and a teepee {stay tuned for our teepee}. Kensi discovered the American Girl Doll magazine and has circled literally everything in it. She loves her baby doll Finn gave her at the hospital a year ago and baby comes with us everywhere. Kensi has made it very clear baby doll needs her own bed, stocking on the fireplace and a high chair. She even spent some of her own piggy bank money to buy a Christmas pillow for baby doll from the dollar bin at Target. Baby doll is our third child, hence the need to celebrate her birthday Thanksgiving morning with a candle in our cheesecake and then again on Finn's birthday. She's such a mommy girl.
We found plans from our go to gal, Ana White, for a simple and cute baby doll high chair. {She has tons of baby doll furniture, go check it out!} It really didn't take much lumber or time for that matter. Mike and I were able to complete the whole project in a day and it cost less than $15 to make with the help of already having paint and stain in the garage leftover from previous projects.

Mike cut all the pieces, I stained them and then he put it all together for me. We found our 2 inch screws to be too long and ended up recutting a few pieces. We ended up just using screws to assemble the chair without pocket holes. We gave the high chair one coat of dark stain and gave the legs a dipped look with white paint, along with painting the middle back board. It's timeless, modern and the perfect addition to our playroom, dining room, family know, wherever it will get dragged.
It turned out super cute and Kensi was so excited to get it early. It's light weight and it's already getting toted around the house. 

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