Monday, December 5, 2016

all wrapped up

Since the day we put the tree up, Kensi has been a broken record asking if there are any presents. Oh there are presents, hidden in my closet because we have sneaky eyes and I’m not sure if I’m ready to pull out my super mom energy for little fingers  picking the paper off each wrapped gift throughout the day. However, I know I’ll only be able to keep them hidden for a few more days solely based on my own excitement. 
For me, part of the fun is wrapping each present. When I was little I would set up an old orange table in front of my parents bedroom door and create a gift wrapping shop. I had different paper prints, tags, ribbons and bows. My mom would allow me to wrap everyone’s presents, but she always put them in a plain box, secured well with tape so I couldn’t peek. I loved setting up my shop each year, it was something I took pride in and always looked forward to. 

Kensi has also taken an interest in wrapping all on her own. She actually used part of her chore money to purchase her own princess Christmas wrapping paper. She goes around the house and finds different items to wrap up for her baby dolls. It’s quite hilarious because sometimes it’s as simple as a  book or oddly creative like our orange peeler stuck inside a straw to make a wand. Her creations are endless. 

To help her cultivate her inner wrapper we hit up Target for all the essentials and created her first ever gift wrap shop. We found all the fixings we needed including some super cute trimmings. I showed her how to address each gift and with a little help from me, we finish with a bow. She’s excited about it, but I’m so excited too! I know the gifts under our tree won’t be neatly wrapped. There will be wonky folds, torn paper and parts of the box trying to peek out, but that is what is going to make them perfect. It’s allowing our kids to be themselves and fall head over heels in love with the Christmas spirit and season year after year. I hope she loves her gift shop and this can be something she looks forward to each year with her brother and sister like I once did.

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