Wednesday, December 14, 2016

stocking stuffers ‘16

With less than two weeks until Christmas we’re busy wrapping up our Christmas gifts for the kids. This year they were so much fun to shop for, but also difficult. We are really lacking in the storage department in the house, but especially in the playroom. Shopping for toys was a little bit of an annoyance because we don’t have anywhere to put them! Needless to say, the playroom will be our next project room to tackle after the new year.
When it comes to shopping for toys we like to find toys that spark their imagination and creativity. We don’t have many toys with buttons or noise for that reason and to keep our sanity. We have a lot of blocks, Legos, art supplies and Little People. 

This year Kensi has asked for a baby doll crib. She actually has mine from when I was little (here), but has asked for another since she has two baby dolls she loves dearly. She came across two she liked and luckily Mike and I found plans from Ana White to build just like we did with the high chair last year. 

Finn doesn’t have a huge vocabulary and kind of roared/growled/screamed when we asked him what he would like. We’re taking on our own interpretation of his language and getting him a lion rocker. He loves animals, dinosaurs, super heroes and building blocks. This also doubles as decor since we are also designing his room this upcoming year. (We’re totally lacking in all the bedroom decor department).

Olivia has so much that’s been saved and handed down from Kensi and Finn. She has a couple gifts under the tree, but most of her Christmas will be in her stocking. However, we will be building a fun little play gym for her to play under with her play mat. We just need to buy a set of toys to hang and I”m kind of digging this super cute tool rattle set. It’s fitting right?

Aside from a few fun toys to put inside their stockings the kids are also getting sets of toothbrushes, bows, socks, tights and sippy cups. We like mixing practical and fun in their stockings in order to avoid a bunch of junk that ends up getting thrown away in a couple months. Which also reminds me I need to get the kids to help organize and purge toys in our playroom before Christmas arrives!


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