Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Menu + Table Decor

Over the weekend I made up our meal plan for the next two weeks and I'm so excited to plan Christmas weekend! Aside from indulging in the dozens and dozens of cookies we're baking, we actually have some healthier fair planned to enjoy. Alright, there are some pretty incredible desserts coming too. 
When it comes to Christmas Eve we are totally basic and follow suit to The Holiday. We make Christmas Fettuccine and to go with it we also make italian wedding soup. Mike and I started making it together on Christmas Eve in 2006 which so happened to be the night he proposed. It's very special to us and has been a part of our Christmas tradition each year. Of course we binge watch Christmas movies all afternoon and into the night while we wrap and put together the last few gifts for the babes.

This is our first year to celebrate Christmas completely on our own. We’ve always traveled back to Nebraska or had family come visit. We’re actually very excited since we don’t have to travel anywhere and we can have our first Christmas with just our little family. We love our family and friends back home, but we also need to be able to start and create our own little family traditions. 
Growing up our families did things differently. Mike grew up opening gifts first thing in the morning. At my house we were only allowed to open stockings in the morning and had to wait until mid afternoon once everyone arrived to open the gifts under the tree. Personally I prefer waiting a little bit to open gifts because it drags out the anticipation. Once everything happens first thing in the morning, it’s all of a sudden...over. It makes me a little sad. So we’re trying to come up with a balance and compromise. 

One thing we definitely don’t need to compromise on is food. We love trying new recipes for holidays and although we try to stay on track with traditional food, we enjoy mixing things up a bit. We always have some kind of red meat for Christmas dinner. This year Mike came across a beef tenderloin recipe he called dibs on. For sides, we have to work around the babes. Kensi currently doesn’t like mashed potatoes, but loves rice. Finn loves mashed potatoes and broccoli. I’m always the one trying to get spinach on the table and Mike has learned to eat whatever, which wasn’t always the case, he’s come such a long way! Our final menu plan will include something everyone will love and I can’t wait for us to make it!

Main Course

Creamed Winter Greens
Mashed Potatoes
Wild Rice Pilaf
Roasted Carrots + Broccoli
Buttered Rosemary Dinner Rolls

Choice of the dozens of Cookies

As for our table decor, I like to keep it very simple with fresh flowers. Trader Joe’s is my usual go to store not only because they carry gorgeous blooms year round, but they are very affordable and last around two weeks. For Christmas I chose to mix white roses with winter greenery. For a little more texture I also added a few pinecones.
A few years ago I purchased the red chargers after Christmas and scored big. I paid $0.50 per charger! It definitely pays to stop by the big box stores for items like these in the days leading up to Christmas because everything begins to get marked down. I’ll also add my favorite acrylic hobnail drinkware I found from the Pottery Barn Outlet over the summer ( I also used them at Thanksgiving).  Kensi gets so excited when she gets to set them out for dinner because she thinks they’re fancy.
Our table isn’t over the top for Christmas. It’s simple, but elegant and it creates a magical place for our family at Christmas.

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Runner - Target (two years ago, but similar HERE)
Chargers - Target (last year)
Dinner Plates - Pottery Barn 
Flowers + Greenery - Trader Joe’s Grocery

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