Tuesday, December 6, 2016

birthday boy giggles

Over the weekend we celebrated Finn’s second birthday with a visit to Santa, new toys and yummy coconut cake. I can hardly believe he’s already two. He is quite the little nugget of the family. He is constantly making us laugh with his craziness and cuteness. He still isn’t talking much, as him and Kensi have proven to be late talkers, but he has his own crazy jibberish language of his own. The few sayings he has down are Hi There, Mom, More, Mine, Kensi, and Dada. He’s great at saying 'no' which is usually accompanied by a scream and says ‘yes' by opening and closing his mouth quickly. It’s his form of nodding and it cracks us up every single time. He has the sweetest heart for a little boy. He constantly asks for hugs, kisses and snuggles throughout the day and blows kisses to grandmas and grandpas on FaceTime.

Finn loves playing with trucks, legos and play kitchen. He is always whipping something up in the kitchen and enjoys playing shop with Kensi. He’s a great customer and loves filling up the grocery cart or stroller with all sorts of quirky things. We can’t even count how many times we’ve tripped over his trail of toys that scatters from the playroom, living room and kitchen. He often goes into destroy mode as we call it.

For his birthday we gave him a set of PJ Masks figurines and he also got the Toy Story Trio of Buzz, Woody and Zurg. He absolutely adores them to no end. All week long he’s been flying Buzz through the house and saying “Ooooooody!!!!” Cutest thing EVER! Poor Kensi is getting rather annoyed by the noise making toys since he insists on sleeping with them. She came downstairs the other night saying she couldn’t sleep because Finn kept playing with Woody and all she could hear was “There’s a snake in my boot!” Too funny!
We are so honored God chose us to be his parents. We are so thankful for our crazy little dude and can’t wait to see how grows in the next year. We love you so much Finnley! 

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