Wednesday, December 7, 2016

gingerbread 10 different ways

I absolutely adore the flavor of gingerbread and will try to get my hands on every variation that comes my way. Gingerbread is a major part of our holiday celebrations; from eating gingerbread to reading our favorite gingerbread books.
Do you remember hunting for the gingerbread man in kindergarten? As a class we made a large gingerbread man and took him down to Marsha and Kay (our loving cooks) in the school cafeteria to bake. While we waited we read the book and discovered our very own gingerbread man was trying to run away. I remember how much fun it was to hunt for our tasty creation by searching through the halls, different offices, the gym and finally ending up back in our own classroom just to discover him waiting for us to return. That memory is very nostalgic for me and I believe it was what induced me into a gingerbread frenzy my entire life. Those experiences are incredibly special, but often forgotten.

When I found out I was pregnant with Kensi, Jan Brett was coming to our area for a book signing. Mike and I had purchased a set of our favorite books written by her and had her sign The Gingerbread Baby for our growing family. I was so excited to share my fondest memories of such a festive season with our new little baby. Today, now five years later, it's one of the first holiday books we read together.

Today, the kids and I made gingerbread biscotti cookies (recipe is linked below). Our kitchen is covered in a dust of flour and powdered sugar right now. While mixing up our dry ingredients the kids got a little excited with the flour and it turned into a full on sensory activity. Using measuring spoons and cups, they poured, scooped and dumped flour into everything. They were literally covered in flour from head to toe and I used the vacuum to clean them up.
Once the biscotti cookies were done, Finn had the responsibility of sprinkling extra powdered sugar. He interpreted it as licking all the powdered sugar instead. Being able to share these experiences with them is truly amazing. I love watching their excitement and cherish moments like these because they are seriously growing up so fast. Time needs to slow down!

There are so many ways to make gingerbread and we have tried nearly all of these recipes below. I can’t wait to share more with our kids in the next few weeks. I hope you try a couple of them too and cherish the moments they create for your family, like they do for mine.

\\ Gingerbread Latte Cupcakes \\ 
It just isn’t Christmas without Mike making these. It’s a must have for our friends’ gatherings.

\\ Gingerbread Brownies \\
I wish I had a bake sale I could make these for, instead I may just have to settle on gifting them to neighbors so I eat the entire pan!

\\ Gingerbread Lattes \\ 
This (& the Holiday Spice Flat White) is my favorite holiday drink from the coffee shop.

\\ Gingerbread Houses \\ 
This is our go to recipe; it holds well and tastes delicious. I’m so excited to try a city scene this year!

\\ Gingerbread Doughnut Waffles \\
What can be better than waffles and donuts combined? We are definitely making these for our Saturday morning breakfast this week. 

\\ Gingerbread Diffuser Blend \\ 
To make the entire house smell like gingerbread without doing all the baking just make this simple diffuser blend. 
3 drops Ginger + 3 drops Cinnamon Bark + 2 drops Clove + 1 drop Nutmeg

\\ Gingerbread Biscotti \\
 Perfect pairing with coffee in the morning, or at night if you’re anything like Mike and I.

\\ Dark Chocolate Gingerbread Truffles \\ 
I love baking and cooking with our Young Living Essential Oils. This is a great recipe to try for the festive season and for bringing to a party.

\\ Soft Gingerbread Cookies \\
 One of my all time favorites all year round. I can never resist a good ginger cookie. My favorite is from Paradise Bakery, but we don’t have one close so I make this copy cat recipe and always dust them with powdered sugar.

\\ Gingerbread Pancakes \\ 
I’ve shared these on Instagram and they are a total must for the Christmas season.

Happy Memory Making!


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