Saturday, December 3, 2016

dear santa

Today we made the trip to visit Santa. Kensi has been eagarly waiting to see him and discussing what she wanted to ask him for Christmas. In early November she drew up her list with pictures and her own words and included items for her baby dolls. She even tried coaching Finn on different things he could ask for. Now every time we ask him what he wants for Christmas he roars and Kensi believes he would like a lion! So a lion it will be. 
With so much excitement built up, when it finally became our turn to see Santa Kensi froze. She became scared and was like Scotch Tape on my leg. Finn was good up until Mike placed him on Santa’s knee and he totally lost it. We had the epic so-upset-can’t-breathe-now-let’s-release-a-blood-curdling-scream episode. We got our photo with all three kiddos and Santa and Mike grabbed Finn and we were cool. Kensi was finally at ease and asked for baby doll crib. This picture was taken after the freak out and everyone was happy! Of all three babes, Olivia kept her composure, hilariously looking at Finn like ‘Dude, what’s your deal?’ 
Poor baby boy. Maybe next year we’ll do a little bit better.

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