Thursday, March 21, 2013


Age: 9 months
Weight: 18lbs 11oz
Height:  28.5 inches long
Firsts: Points at literally everything, especially small little things. 
Events: We celebrated her first Valentine's day and she went to her first fish fry.
Travel: None
Foods: This past month she has been eating like a bird if she decides to eat. She has refused cereal, pureed food, puffs, and almost all soft table food. All mostly due to teething. She really only wants milk.
Favorite Toys: She's loves dragging her baby doll around the house and building/throwing Duplo Legos.
Favorite Thing to Do: She absolutely loves watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney Jr. and crawling through small, tight spaces. She also loves to get into Stella's food and will put it in her mouth when we're not looking and then spit it out.
Sitting Up: Yes
Rolling Over: Yes
Crawling: YES, and she's quick!
Walking: Not yet, but she's walking around all the furniture.
Smiling: Yes 
Talking: She's says 'dada' all the time!
If talking, what words: Dada
Sleeping Through the Night: Off and on.
Other: She's getting more and more into her books. We keep some with her toys and she pulls them out often. She's getting too big for her infant carseat and will be moving up to her big girl carseat any day now. She absolutely despises sippy cups. Every time we give her water and it doesn't have a nipple she scrunches up her face and pouts. When we do give her a nipple, she looks at us and checks with her tongue before she continues to drink her's very entertaining to watch her.

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  1. I love this photo of her. It's like she's saying 'catch me if you can!' She'll be walking any day now!


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