Monday, March 25, 2013


Remember I was telling you about my spring fever and winter rut? Well, over the weekend we were blessed with more cold temps and another dose of snow (not a lot, thank goodness!), but enough to keep us indoors. We've been doing some major spring cleaning and decided to take a break and make a few more discovery bottles with the munchkin. 
She really enjoys her two large discovery bottles I made last year awaiting her arrival, but I've been saving some of the mini Naked juice bottles for just this. 

We used pom poms, glitter and food coloring to create these bottles.

Other supplies needed....
Hot Glue Gun

Kensi loved playing with the poms and even put a few in her mouth. I was stoked when she actually understood to put the poms inside the bottle! Even though it took her a few times, it was pretty awesome to watch her learn and finally figure it out....being a mom is seriously so cool!

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