Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I really wasn't jumping about this idea and went back and forth trying to decide whether or not I should really write this post, but as a new mama I didn't really know about some of these products. Kensi has been a pretty healthy baby thus far, with two little colds (one we're actually in the middle of) and one case of the flu (which really was bound to happen). Knock on wood, she hasn't had an ear infection or any upper respiratory stuff going on. To be honest, it may be because I allow her to play with Stella's toys and they frequently share germs.....not a ton though, we call them good germs, you know the ones that build up her immune system. 
Even though we live with my parents and I have 29 nieces and nephews, you'd think we'd know everything there is to know about babies. But the truth is, so many things change and there are different  products out there than there were say, 5 years ago. So here we go....
Today I'm sharing the few things that we have found necessary to help treat a little's cold and make them feel more comfortable.

NoseFrida - I posted a question for a nose sucker recommendation on Istagram to my fellow June Moms and everyone recommend this product. It's gentle enough to use on premies and actually gets the job done! I was seriously speechless when I used it.
Little Noses Saline Mist Solution - I love this stuff....Kensi hates this stuff. This mist has a nozzle that allows you spray instead of drop. It does have the option of using it as a nasal flush, which you can do, but I haven't attempted that yet and I may not even try. I can't tell you how many times I pushed the dumb thing wrong and I've had her in perfect position and she has that look on her face like "okay, just hurry up and get this over with mom" and then nothing comes out! Oh man, she's going to pay me back someday I just know it!
Boogie Wipes - These are awesome for cleaning up their snotty little faces, especially when they wipe their noses themselves and you find snot on their ear, eye or even in there hair. They're moist and have saline in them, they also come in scents. We have the grape, which smells good, but Kensi always knows what's coming and she takes off crawling.
Puffs Tissues - Let's be real....these are much softer than anything else. 
Warm Washcloth - Kensi likes to suck on this all the time, but it seems to sooth her even when she's sick, especially when she's teething. Our favorites are the Thirsties Fab Wipes.
Braun ThermoScan Thermometer - This is on our registry list and we love it. It's super quick and very accurate. I was so excited to see our doctor's office uses the same one too.
Vaseline - I dab a little on her nose at night because it gets all red and sore from all the nose wiping, it soothes her so much.
Vicks Vapor Rub - I put a it on the bottoms of her feet just like her doctor told me. We also have the Vapor plug in that came with our thermometer and dear Lord that sucker is strong! Our bedroom is upstairs and we could smell is as soon as we walked into our house last night. I'm not really sure if the plug-in deal really works, but it was free. 
Humidifier - Definitely helps Kensi's dry little nose and makes it easier for her to breathe at night.

 I know some of this is common sense, but I was relieved when someone recommended some of the products.  I hope none of your babies get sick, but if they do, I hope this helps.

Happy Wednesday!

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