Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Our March has been nothing less than madness. Kensi started the month off with a bad cough that turned into an even worse cold that she happily passed to Mike, my mom and me with all of the kisses she insisted on giving us. On top of the colds, Kensi also decided to start pushing her second and third tooth through. For all you mamas out there who are awaiting your little's first teeth, be patient and get ready for lots of holding, rocking and snuggling. It's such a bittersweet stage because your heart breaks for their discomfort but the snuggles are so sweet.

We finally broke down and ordered Kensi's 'big girl' carseat. She was such a great helper trying to rip the booklet out of Mike's hands. We went with the Britax Advocate 70-GE and we all love it! Kensi looks so big in it now, it must also be really comfortable because every time we go anywhere Kensi is passed out.

We also celebrated St. Patrick's day. We ended up doing a little grocery shopping at Whole Foods on the 16th, which was the best decision we ever made. Why do you ask? Because they were serving up some cold ones while you shopped! Another reason to LOVE Whole Foods.

I love love LOVE celebrating holidays, but our breakfast did not go as planned whatsoever! We made our festive green pancakes (which was the only thing that turned out), green eggs (something, I'm not sure what, went wrong), and Irish potatoes (denser than crap!).

To write words for your pancakes, use a plastic sauce bottle. I picked mine up at Target in the utensil aisle.

For dinner we headed over to Mike's parents for Ruebens which were delicious, but Mike's mom was not feeling well and either was much for a great day. Oh but we did finish the weekend off with a couple green beers which totally made up for everything else.

When we celebrate a holiday, we celebrate all month long. I found these super fun shamrock shaped ravioli from Costco...they were absolutely delicious!
 I also made the boys the traditional corned beef and cabbage and this was so much better than what I've done in the past. Kensi enjoyed it too which surprised me....and on that little foodie is back!
Check out my recipe!

This past week my mom went to AZ to visit my sister so Kensi and I had the house to ourselves all week long. I loved having complete one-on-one time with my baby girl. We did a lot of baking, playing and reading. 
Although she definitely surprised me one evening when I was cleaning up the kitchen before the boys came home. She has this new thing about opening the cabinets and pulling everything out. Don't you remember how much fun that was when you were little? Well not only is she completely entertained by this, she thinks its hilarious. I turned around after finishing up some dishes and found this lovely mess...

 Just outside of the picture, there are also mixing bowls, toys, kitchen utensils, sippy cups, bottles, the whole works! At least she knows how to get her own snacks :)

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