Tuesday, November 3, 2015

escape to neverland

If you follow us on Instagram I shared each of our costumes leading up to Halloween. These costumes were so much fun to make and we had a blast living in Neverland for the day! 
Our costumes were semi-homemade. As I mentioned in an earlier post Kensi's was the most complicated and took the most sewing. See how I made her mermaid costume here
Finn’s lost boy costume started with some cozy jams I found at Burt's Bees Baby. They have the softest jams for littles, no joke. I paired them with a vest I made from felt and added fringe trim and a feather along with an expensive hat. Using two types of faux fur I made two fox ears and hand-stitched them to the top of the hat; along with a tail that can’t be seen in this photo which I safety pinned to the back of his pants. A pair of moccasins and some makeup finished his look and although I'm biased....he really is the cutest lost boy that ever was.
For Mike's Peter Pan we did look for green tights but they were much harder to find than we originally thought and he was relieved nonetheless. I ended up finding his green dress shirt on clearance at Target and paired them with a pair of khakis (rolled up) and some brown shoes. I completed his outfit with a brown version of the Pan hat and added a feather. 

My costume was very simple as well. I found my dress on clearance at Francesca's Boutique and paired it with Minnetonka Fringe Boots. My sash is made from the same felt I used for Finn's vest and Mike's hat. My headpiece started as an elastic embellished headband. I removed the embellishments I didn’t want and swapped them for a few small flowers. I also added feathers to the back by layering them and some turquoise ribbon to hang down the sides. 
All the pieces we bought for our costumes were purchased with the intention of doing double duty. I hate buying something that will only be used once so we made sure I would wear my dress again along with Mike's shirt and Finn's jams. These costumes were so much fun to put together, I can hardly wait for next year...in fact, Saturday night was I was laying in bed I was brainstorming themes. Mike knows I’m crazy, but that’s okay!

We spent Halloween morning trying to convince Kensi in eating as much healthy food as possible knowing the evening was going to be filled with lots of sweets. It was like two broken records going at our house with Kensi constantly asking if she could have a piece of candy and Mike and me saying no. So in order to get out of the house we opted to do a fun trick or treat at Whole Foods where they were handing out healthy food like popcorn and cheese sticks. This was actually a ton of fun and we'll definitely go back again next year!
This year we were really excited to throw our own small Halloween party with close friends. We required everyone to come in costume which made the night even more fun. I think my favorite was when our friend Jen came dressed as bacon! It was so cute and funny, we just loved it!
We kept everything very simple and made meatball sandwiches, mummy cheese pizzas on bagels and  had cupcakes and cookies for dessert. All of our friends brought either an appetizer or dessert to share and it was downright heavenly! 

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