Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Earlier this year I became super frustrated with my Pinterest boards just trying to fish through all the pins to find some of my favorite recipes. Honestly, a lot of the recipes on Pinterest I have found are either hit or miss and trying to remember if that one recipe was a winner or just flat out sucked was a pain in the neck because I always forgot to delete bad pins. I had the bright idea of creating a made board to put all my favorite tried recipes. It’s helped tremendously especially if the hubster goes to find one, he at least knows exactly where to go. So today I’m sharing a fun fall menu with only recipes from my made board.
I found the chicken skillet recipe awhile ago and finally made it, this is  one of the best chicken dishes we have ever tried, ever. The recipe calls for wine, I didn’t have it and substituted half beer half chicken stock and it was divine. The cauliflower garlic rice is just as amazing and could be a meal all on it’s own, but I love serving a starch with the chicken skillet and this mixes up the normal rice or mashed potatoes. Every meal needs some sort of veggie and we love anything green and roasted. Right now we’re all about roasted broccoli with olive oil, salt, pepper and parmesan cheese. This recipe for green beans is delicious, but don’t fret about getting fresh’s not the season for them so head over to your freezer aisle and grab a bag. I like to keep a huge bag from Costco in our freezer and it works every time, my only suggestion is cooking them a little longer since they are going in frozen and don’t thaw them! You’ll have a soppy wet mushy mess!!!! 
Lastly, dessert. Fall screams anything and everything pumpkin, apple or cranberry so for this menu I had to share something that fit. I found this pumpkin cobbler recipe last year and it’s a twist on pumpkin pie. The custard filling is creamy and smooth while the crust brings just a little bit of a crunch. Top it off with a scoop of ice cream or fresh whipped cream and you’ll be heaven. 
Okay, confession time. I was so excited to make this pumpkin cobbler recipe I couldn't wait until dessert tonight so I made it for brunch. Which actually totally worked out because this is so yummy you can serve for breakfast, lunch, dinner or you know that 2 am late night snack. If you’re not a fan of pumpkin, but still want something sweet and easy, check out the Easy Apple Croissants ... another gem. 

Happy Wednesday and Enjoy!

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