Thursday, November 5, 2015

paint, stain and hardware

It always takes us awhile to get projects done around our house for two reasons: 1) making up my mind and 2) budget. Finn's room still isn't finished mostly because we've been waiting on his dresser. The one we bought in January from a consignment store. If you don’t remember click on the link below the photo to see. The coloring had a lot of orange in it and the hardware was just bad. Once we got it in the garage and sanded/stripped everything away there was beautiful detail work in the drawers and top. It took a few trial runs to figure out exactly what we wanted to do with it once we stripped the whole thing down. We initially wanted to paint it and my parents who love antiques nearly died. Luckily for them, after I painted a couple of the big drawers I didn't like it and neither did Mike, so we went back to stripping. We figured out staining would be the best way to show it’s true beauty and found a beautiful special walnut color. Because we have a round sander it was difficult getting into the corners unless we did it by hand, but it actually left behind this really pretty worn look that we both fell in love with.
Then it was time for hardware. I wanted something modern, but our hardware was two different widths 2.5 and 4 inches. Did you know 4 inch hardware isn't carried in most stores? This threw another wrench into our project. We ended up finding a killer deal on some sleek and simple hardware that brought the whole dresser together. 
Once we hauled it upstairs I could finally put everything together! We still need to paint which will hopefully be a project for this weekend and then we can share his finished room!

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