Saturday, November 14, 2015

hello thirty

Yesterday I turned 30! I can hardly believe  I kissed my twenties adios last night, but I did it proudly. My dear little family has spoiled me all week long and made yesterday the cherry on top. We spent the morning hitting Dixie for breakfast and doing small little family fun things like riding the train at the mall, hit a few of my favorite local shops, grabbed some delicious sweets and devoured sushi for dinner. Not to mention some how between all that we took Finn to get another haircut and the girl BUTCHERED IT! She cut all her cute bangs straight off! And I mean straight across his forehead. Mike says he looks like Moe from The Three Stooges! SMH. It's so bad, I can only pray for a miracle to happen and make his hair quickly grow out somewhat for his birthday in a few weeks. Luckily, we got this cute pick before the butchering took place. Until then it's getting styled every day. 

Regardless of the awful hair cut, the Hubster surprised me with the sweetest video he made with all my family and close friends sending their birthday wishes from all across the country. Mike wanted me to listen to the video at dinner, but within ten seconds I could feel the tears building and knew there was no way I could control myself so I waited until we got into the car. It blew me away. I was shaking and bawling and laughing. I was so overwhelmed with how much love was being sent to me in that moment. Living away from so many incredible people is so hard to do each day and I often forget how deep that love really is, but last night I was reminded and I'm so thankful. 
So as many cling on to their twenties, I'm dancing into my thirties with so much love, happiness, laughter and hope for I know this decade is going to kick my twenties' ass! 

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