Monday, November 30, 2015

stocking stuffer favorites

This year has been so much fun as our kids have learned to play together and we’ve watched their interests and imaginations soar. They are always so silly and laughing with one another it always cracks us up when they get on a case of the uncontrollable giggles! They love playing with our play kitchen and Kensi is constantly pretending she’s running a diner. She grabs a book of some sort and turns it into a menu so one of us can order food. I found this cute diner bell to add to her kitchen and she is going to have a cow! And I'm going to go insane listening to this thing ding all day long. 'Can I take your order please? *ding* Can I have a snack mama? *ding* would you like to play kitchen Finn? *ding*
 Aside from playing diner with kensi, Finn loves things with wheels, stacking blocks and music. Mike found these small speakers on Black Friday for each of their rooms so we can really turn up the volume for our dance parties that tend to take place frequently. 
It’s so much fun playing with our two crazies, they have the best imaginations so their stocking inspiration is based on their love for pretend play.

I just love the fun flamingo chopsticks this year. It’s great for introducing new cultures in the kitchen and easy for kiddos to grasp. Kensi loves eating with chopsticks whenever we grab sushi or takeout and I know she’s going to enjoy having these to choose from in the drawer. A little reminder, there are still a few Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals going on. Head on over to The Land of Nod to snatch up stocking stuffers while they all ship for a flat rate of $4.95. You may also be able to snag a few gifts marked down 20% as well. 

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