Monday, February 15, 2016

another cold one for the books

Yesterday, Kensi and I spent our afternoon making the most decadent chocolate-chocolate mousse cake topped with chocolate ganache and strawberries. I'm not going to lie, I've been stealing forkfuls all day long starting with breakfast. There's just no way around it, pregnant or not, chocolate is my jam and when you add fruit to it ...well I just go straight to heaven. 
Feel the need to make this beauty? If you're questioning it let me just tell you there are four layers of cake and FOUR layers of mousse. FOUR!!! I promise it's not very difficult. Find the recipe HERE

It's been another cold, drizzly day that kept us inside. The kids have done really well with all the rain we've been getting and I wish I could say the same. But fighting pregnancy exhaustion while chasing two kiddos and trying to keep up with the house is just plain hard. I've also been battling headache after headache due to cutting out my coffee just like the last two pregnancies. I need my caffeinated coffee. I need it. To keep the kids and I occupied today we all snuggled on the couch and watched Frozen while snacking on a lunch of cheese squares, hummus, crackers, grapes and our favorite mango + coconut smoothie. Something simple, but still nutritious. 
1 cup frozen mango + 1 cup coconut water. blend until smooth. 

Fortunately, Mike is always the super hubster, but even more so when I'm pregnant. He knows I'm tired. He knows I dont feel my best and he always takes care of me when he gets home from work. Today is no exception. He's not even feeling his greatest today, but offers to take the kids, pick up din and let me have some peace and quiet for about an hour. He knows I needed it. He knows I wanted it even if I said I didn't. So excuse me as I veg on the couch, eating my sushi {and chocolate cake} while watching The Bachelor. It's been a long Monday. 

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