Sunday, February 21, 2016

organic snob

I'll admit it, I will buy organic whenever I can, especially when it comes to snacks for our kids. I'm that mom that doesn't buy sugary cereal, I water down all juice drinks and I make most food items from scratch. But I'm also the mom that bakes way too many desserts, I use real butter and sugar and I always keep chocolate on hand. There's a balance I try to do, but lately I've been teetering into the 'let's just eat cake' zone. Sometimes we just need to. I'm guilty of baking up sweets for holidays and you would think we would be out of the holiday season, but there's a flipping holiday to celebrate nearly every month. That cake I made for Valentine's Day, yeah we {the three of us} finished the entire 9 inch, four layers in a mere four days. FOUR! And I don't feel the least bit guilty about it. But here I am restocking our snacks with healthy whole fruit strips, fresh produce, etc...etc...and all I can think about is the great debate of do I make coconut pound cake for Easter or a lemon dessert, maybe both. It's no wonder this blog is named Sprinkles on Top because dessert seems to always be on our minds. 
But then again I know everyone needs a little chocolate and I have a good month before I really need to dive into a dessert again. So it's back to my workouts, my produce and our healthy snacks. 
Aside from having major sweet tooth in our house we also have this crazy addiction to fruit. My little nugget Finn was the odd one out all last year because he hated bananas and refused to eat anything with bananas in it. Today he's turned a huge corner and eats a whole banana for breakfasts and then begs for Kensi's. With all the fruit we've been eating we literally can't keep it stocked in the house. 
Some of our favorite fruit concoctions are easy and very fun to eat. The kids love eating oatmeal toast smeared with cream cheese or ricotta cheese and topped with blueberries. Kensi calls this our blueberry sandwich and she would do backflips for blueberries if she could. 
Another is broiled grapefruit. Finn loves all food at this point and Kensi is starting to get a little picky, but she knows she has to try everything once with two bites; a thank you bite and a tasting bite. I love the broiled grapefruit and it's one of my favorite snacks right now especially with all my citrus cravings. I cut it in half, sprinkle with sugar and pop it under the broiler until it starts to caramelize. Kensi may not be crazy about grapefruit for the moment, but she does love thin apple slices with either a nut butter or a chocolate hazelnut spread. 
Our last snack to share today has come from our obsession with smoothies. We keep a lot of frozen fruit on hand and like to blend them up with yogurt, coconut water or milk. Pop the blended mixture in our Popsicle forms and have nice cool treats all week long. Our current favorites are frozen mango and coconut water AND our black cherries and coconut milk! 

Psst....speaking of Easter, stay tuned for later this week I'll be sharing our Easter basket ideas for this year! 

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