Saturday, February 13, 2016

hip hip hooray

Happy Valentine's Day from our sweet Valentines. One, two...and THREE. An unexpected surprise is due this summer! 
We knew we wanted to try for at least one more, a minimum of three kids was always our hope and knowing it took us a little while to conceive Kensi and Finn, we were talking about when we wanted to begin trying again. The weekend before Christmas we gave Kensi and Finn each a gift early since we were going back to Nebraska for Christmas and they would want ample play time. I was a few days late and took a test, turned out everyone was getting an early Christmas gift! We were so shocked mostly because it took us months to become pregnant before and this wasn't planned. 
We are so excited to meet this little bundle who must be just as excited to become part of our little family. 
Of course, Kensi is over the moon excited and Finn is rather torn. He's already quite the attention hog. Kensi is hoping for a girl and asking if we can find out, but we'll be keeping this sweet babe's gender a secret just like the last least that's the plan as of now. Parents of three, please welcome us to the joyful chaos! 

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