Tuesday, February 23, 2016

when the cravings call

This pregnancy has me gagging at the thought of most leftovers and pork. It also has me craving very particular meals and if I decide to make it, it must be from scratch. Yesterday I was craving lasagna. I've actually been craving it for a few days, but yesterday was the last straw. I tweaked my recipe slightly to accommodate what I had in my fridge. I used arugula for spinach, a mix of mild sausage and hamburger for sweet sausage and sliced mozzarella for shredded. This baby was beyond divine and smashed my craving to pieces. 
I could barely hold myself together as the mild sausage tomato sauce simmered in my stove. I couldn't help but continually taste the sauce by the spoonful. The combination of the sausage {which tasted quite delicious for me not liking pork right now} paired with aromatic Italian seasonings and garlic had me weak in the knees. As much as I was smitten over the homemade sauce I couldn't wait to taste the ricotta cheese mixture. It was sad not being able to taste it with a couple left over noodles due to the eggs, but once the entire lasagna was baked and rested I dove in with a fork. It was delicious and so right. Now I wasn't sure if I would be able to stomach it later today or tomorrow since it is now a leftover, but there are some things that taste better the next day and this is one of them. Thank the Lord! 

Hope you enjoy! 

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