Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Christmas shopping is so much fun for us, who doesn't like giving gifts? I personally would rather give than receive, but getting gifts is always fun as well! 
However, we don't go crazy with gifts for each other, we usually have a budget we stick to just so we don't go overboard simply because that's not what Christmas is truly about. 
But to make shopping easier we do make 'Idea Lists' or 'Wish Lists'.

Since Kensi is just shy of 6 months old (oh my gosh!) she's nearly sitting up, trying very hard to crawl, loves anything and everything musical, loves to read, likes to try and feed herself and starting the early stages of teething. I We have chosen her gifts (and stocking stuffers....check out our Stocking Stuffer Favorites) based on those benchmarks and also wanted to get her some things that she can grow with. I did of course hit up the Top Toys for 2012 when shopping.

Everything is linked to Amazon, if I found any of these items locally - I bought them that way. As for the Crayola Crayons/Markers, I bought Kensi the markers because I didn't want to have to deal with the crayons breaking or having to replace them. You can find them at Target with all the other crayon and paint supplies for about $4.99. If you read the reviews for these cute markers, they're mixed. Just remember the whole point of this product is to introduce your child to art, they're not meant for preschoolers who are trying to draw specific images or trying to stay in the lines.

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