Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Kensi's first Christmas was much more than we could have imagined! We started our family traditions by going to 5pm mass at our church. We knew we needed to arrive early, but 25 minutes early was too late. Our church was jammed packed with people standing and sitting in the hallways! Regardless of all the people it was awesome to see so many celebrating Christ's birth. 

We then picked up some coffee at the one and only Starbucks that was open past 5pm on Christmas Eve and hit the neighborhoods to check out the beautiful lights.

Once we got home, we ordered a little take out, found Santa's Elves left Kensi new penguin jams and settled into the couch until Little Miss fell asleep so Santa could come and visit.

Mike was so excited for Kensi's first Christmas that he was up at 5:30am....a little early for me! I literally had to drag Kensington out of bed at 6:30, once she was up she was nothing but smiles!

Santa left her some very fun toys and lots and lots of teethers in her stocking to help with soon to be arriving teeth and some bath toys.

After we did our own gift opening we headed to Mike's parents to dine on biscuits & gravy and cinnamon rolls....yum! 
For the afternoon and evening we came back home to celebrate with my family. The kids did a gift exchange and the adults did a White Elephant.
By 9pm we were absolutely exhausted! Even though Kensi had 3 great naps during the day, she could barely keep her little eyes open. It was truly a Christmas we will always remember. 

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