Thursday, December 13, 2012


My little baby is growing so fast! About a month ago or so we let her sit in the shopping cart like a 'big girl', I was so excited for her, but at the same time my heart broke. She's definitely not a teeny tiny baby anymore.

Needless to say, she loved sitting in the cart, but I was a little grossed out thinking about the germs crawling around on the cart. I am one that thinks exposure to germs is good and necessary to an extent, but when Kensi wants to suck on the handle of the cart - that's where I draw the line!
I started hunting for a washable cart cover and found a 3-in-1 Cart & High Chair Cover by Itzy Ritzy.
The covers can come in adorable prints, and yes instead of buying one that's more neutral, I totally went girly! (Actually bought the one in the picture above, called Fresh Bloom). It fits really nicely on all the carts we've tried, even the new Target seats that are a little deeper than normal, along with the double seat carts at Costco. I have yet to try it on a high chair, but that will only be a matter of time!
I also love that it has 3 fabric loops to hook on toys, rings or even binkys (she seems to love throwing those all over the place), along with a pocket in the back to hold smaller items. Of course when I hook toys on it, Kensi is always more interested in the excess strap that holds her in because it's extra long, but since it's our very own strap that I get to wash whenever I want, I don't mind that she chews on it.
The only problem that we currently have, which will change soon, is that Kensi is still wobbly when she sits up and often leans to one side of the cart. The strap only goes under her arms and I've seen other cart covers that have the straps go over the shoulders...but here's the she grows, how much is she going to fight me and whine about having the straps like that? Most kidlits don't like it. So in the mean time, I shove an extra blanket next to her and call it good!

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