Sunday, December 9, 2012


As soon as we got back from California, we HAD to pick out our tree. We get a real tree every year, if you haven't done this before let next Christmas be your first. It's so much fun making a day of it, driving to the tree farm/store and picking that year's family Christmas tree. Some years we've been totally ripped off and other years we barely make it home with the tree still tied down to our car....but that's the fun of it!
This year, Kensi got a real mini tree just for her room! You can see it slightly in the back seat.

When I was little my dad, two of my brothers and I would hunt for our tree every year. We have high ceilings so we'd always get a tree around 15-ish feet (no joke!). We would drive all over the area from tree farm to tree farm looking for "the family Christmas tree." It was something we looked forward to every year. So when Mike and I got married, we decided we had to do the same thing!
We have so much fun getting ready for the Christmas season. Christmas music and dancing are a must while we decorate, along with coffee or hot cocoa!
These two were so cute. Mike was dancing with Kensington to Christmas music and she recently started giving kisses and slapped one right on his lips!

Kensi made sure to help with decorating.

We have red and white lights on our tree along with bulbs, felt snowflakes and some very personal ornaments that are very dear to us. 
Whenever we go on a trip we always pick up an ornament from the city to put on our tree. 
We have a snowman made from seashells that came from Seal Beach, CA.
A glass palm tree decorated with Christmas lights from Sarasota, FL.
Glass blown ice skates from when we skated at the Rockefeller Center in New York City.
And there are a few others too.

Kensi LOVES the tree and I've waited forever to see the reflection of twinkle lights in our child's was seriously one of the most breath taking things I have ever seen. 
I was also able to show Kensi her very first snow fall! It didn't stick, but she was mesmerized by it!

To finish....a picture of our adorable little Mistletoe herself!
Did I mention I am obsessed with hats and tights on babies...cutest ever!

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