Tuesday, December 4, 2012


This is long overdue and I cannot tell you enough how excited I am that the nursery is DONE, it took forever!

Above are some of our favorite items in Kensi's nursery. Some of the pieces we already had, some were bought new and the rest were made by us.

First the before and after pictures of the dresser...

 We are so thrilled with the dresser! Who would have ever thought this old, grungy, chewed up piece of furniture would become so stunningly beautiful?!?!?!

We also found this gold mirror that was left at the same rental house. All we did was dust it off and spray painted it white....gorgeous!

 Our ceiling light still hasn't been installed, surprised? I'm not! The only light she has in the room is the two lamps and her little window. It will be much better once we get the light in. 
 | White Framed Chalkboard |


All bedding was handmade, check out CuteCravings for crib bedding after the new year.

| Vanity Tray | Babyletto Nara Glider | Bubbled Glass Hardware |

We wanted the nursery to be simple with a mix of vintage and a touch of modern, we couldn't be happier about how everything turned out. We did shop around for deals, which is why is took as long as it did to post the finished nursery. However, we believe it really paid off....our entire nursery cost just right around $1,200. Not too bad :)

Check out the whole process...

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  1. Beautiful nursery you did a great job. I can't wait to have ours finishes!


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