Saturday, December 22, 2012


The first snowstorm of the season is alway very exciting for us! When we lived on our own we would totally do a snow dance in hopes of a snow day. We loved being snowed in (with electricity), we have a full out camp out in our living room filled with movies, snacks and tons and tons of blankets and pillows!
This past Wednesday we had our first snowstorm and definitely had a snowday on Thursday. We spent our night baking shortbread dipped in chocolate and watched Arthur Christmas on the iPad (we lost power around 10pm). Thursday was filled with lots of snow shoveling as we couldn't get out of our driveway at all. 

Once we lost power....Kensi's first snowstorm :)

Our Winter Wonderland we woke up to Thursday morning.

If you follow us on Instagram (@rmbraden09) you saw a few of the photos I took of Kensi during our snow day. She modeled her little owl hat and then became super crabby---but still oh so cute!

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