Monday, June 9, 2014


One of the best things about a large family are the celebrations. While we were back visiting we celebrated four birthdays, two graduations, acceptance into nursing school and an acceptance/farewell for joining the United States Marine Corp. 
The bottom tier of the cake was for our June birthdays which included a small picture representing them. 

We were so excited to catch up with family who we haven't seen in the last six months. We have many nieces and nephews who are our age and that's who we spent most of our time with. 

My sweet niece and her boyfriend. 
My nephew TJ and his wife Carolyn, also Kensington's godparents. 

Kensi had a difficult time warming up to many people this trip mostly because her sleep schedule was so out of whack. I was so excited to see her happily give hugs and kisses to her uncles who are always so goofy that it usually freaks her out. 

By the end of the night we sang Happy Birthday and Kensi was able to successfully blow out the candles on the cake with a little help. 

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