Sunday, June 22, 2014


I was so estatic when Saturday finally came, it was dining table day. Our friends Kyle and Hillary spent most of the day with us helping build our table with plans from Ana White. 

The boys did most of the work as us girls sipped on tea in our beach chairs. You could tell the boys were completely loving every ounce of wood working. 
Sunday was my day. After the table was assembled I sanded and stained with a dark walnut. Now we just have to let it dry, seal it and then we can move it into our dining room. 

We also need to make the matching benches which will hopefully take place next weekend. I feel very proud how well this turned out for being our first piece of furniture we actually made. Mike really enjoyed the process so you know I will find many more projects for him. 
Now it's time to finish theast few details and move it into our dining room. We'll post more pictures soon! 


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