Wednesday, June 18, 2014


My 6 year old nephew Matthew is quick as a whip with his comebacks and he has a killer personality. He's not afraid to say the first thing on his mind. 
While we were visiting home last weekend we got a fill of are a few. 

Me: 'Matthew, I really like your new Spider-Man hair style. '
Matthew: 'I know, it looks so good.'

Matthew's pants were a little big and kep sliding down. 
Matthew: 'Whoa! Whoa! Good thing I choose to wear under-shorts!'

Kensi walks into the living room with a roll of stickers. 
Matthew: 'My mom MADE me give Kensi those stickers, so you're welcome. '
Me: 'Wow Matthew! It's so nice your mom made you give those stickers to Kensi!'
Matthew: 'I know.'

Matthew and Kensi we're playing and Matthew comes into the kitchen. 
Matthew: 'Um, we have a problem. Kensi went upstairs.'
Me: 'Oh, that's okay Matthew. '
Matthew: 'Yeah, but she's looking for you know who.....M-O-M.'
Me: It's okay!'
Matthew: 'Well, if you really say so!'

Matthew decided to show us the trailer for one of his favorite movies about robots. 
Matthew: 'Rach, you know this is rated PG-13. That means if you want to watch it, you have to watch it with your parents.'
Me: 'But I don't live with my parents anymore.'
Matthew: 'Then we have a problem!' 

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