Monday, June 16, 2014


I can't believe we officially have a 2 year old! Did we not just celebrate her 1st birthday? It really feels like we just did. All of us parents out there really need to figure out a way to make a year last longer, who's with me?

We woke up Wednesday morning and said 'Kensi! Today is your birthday!' She responded with 'Ohhhh!!!!' Of course she knew her birthday was special, but she didn't get why. 

We asked her how old she was throughout the day....uhhh, she said 9! Heck no! She thought this was the funniest thing on earth to see our reactions. 

We celebrated throughout the week since we went back home and it of course through all of our schedules off. With Thirsday being our 5 year wedding anniversary we threw everything together and ordered pizza from our favorite little joint. Saturday we had our friends over to kick off the World Cup and CWS. They were so kind and brought us dessert to celebrate Kensi's birthday and our anniversary. As for our own cake celebration....well that took place yesterday on Father's Day. Seriously, how many different things can our little family celebrate in one week????!?? 

I love making our own cakes. It's something I've always loved to do; and when I say make, I mean from scratch. No boxes here! We love cornbread and this cake is like cornbread on crack! I baked the cake in my bundt pan thinking 'It will look so cute and simple'. That didn't happen. This was probably one of my first fail cakes and I mean EPIC FAIL! The whole thing stuck everywhere regardless of what I thought was an over-abundance spraying method. I ended up taking it out in chunks, there were no clean pieces. But pretty or not, it's was holy goodness good. We inhaled it and there were no regrets. Not one! 
Olive Oil Honey Cake by Jaime Deen

I completely bawled my head off half way through singing 'Happy Birthday'. 

I'm just in awe how quickly this year went. I'd be lying if I wasn't excited to get out of the month tracking of her birthday. 18 months, 19 months, etc. She's two and I'm happy to keep one number around for a whole year. 

This week Mike and I were reminiscing about everything she's done since last summer. We thought it was only fair to add it into this post, especially since we're both forgetful and we won't remember anything in about a month. 

How Old: 2 Years
Favorite Foods: Avocado, bread {she's happy just eating half of a burger bun than anything else for din}, pasta with pesto and of course cookies or skittles. 
Clothes: She's mostly wearing 24 months or 2T, but she has a little waist and can still wear 12 month size shorts/pants. 
Favorite Toy: Hands down this goes to Baby Fox. She goes with us everywhere...Starbucks, grocery store, Sunday school, to the park. A close second would be some form of Minnie Mouse or a jar of buttons for sorting. 
Kensi-isms: Thank You {Thak Me}, I Love You {E Wuv Ew}, Bye {Bye-Byee}, Mommy {Mama}, Daddy {Dada}, Grandpa {Gampa}, Grandma {Gamma}, Bubbles {Bub-bowls}, Banana {Nana}, Blue {A-Bluuue}, Yellow {Welow}, Stella {Ella}, Milk {Moo Moo}, Snack {Ack}, No Thank You {No No}, Yes {Uh Huh}, Bedtime/Sleep/Goodnight {Nigh Nigh}
She also says: Ewww, Bat, Airplane, Baby, Sorry, Down, Up, No, Minnie, Mickey, Teeny/Tiny, Help, Ohh! 
She uses a lot of hand gestures and facial expressions and still uses some sign language. 
Favorite Movies: Monsters Inc., Toy Story {1, 2 & 3}, Finding Nemo, Mickey's Christmas Carol, & Frozen
Behavior & Favorites: Kensi is usually happy, but she's started to throw tantrums by sayings 'No' repeatedly and throwing her body onto the floor. She hates timeout and bedtime, but is very sweet with apologies. She loves everything small and tiny. She can spot Starbucks a mile away and her favorite drink is chocolate milk or a decaf iced hazelnut latte. She would eat sweets all day, everyday if she could, but also loves fruit. She gets urges where she just wants to squeeze you. She loves to put on makeup, paint her nails, play with puzzles, play kitchen & food, babies and color. 

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