Monday, June 9, 2014


A huge congratulations to my best friend Mel and her incredible husband Craig. The two tied the knot this weekend and it was one of the most beautiful weddings. Ever. 

I first met Mel when I joined our parish soccer team. She went to school there along with all the other girls. I remember being super nervous as I was switching teams in middle school and I was deathly afraid of middle school girls as they can be mean and very catty. There were two girls named Melissa. After everyone introduced themselves to me, Mel came up to and asked me her name. I said,'it's Melissa!' She replied with, 'Yep! And I'm the nice one.' What a first impression! 
We went to high school together, an all girls catholic school. {Marian}. I wouldn't have a changed a single thing about our time there. Most days I wish I could go back and relive it. Many of our friends stay in touch, and we do a pretty good job about it. These girls have always been more than friends, they even been better than family. 

Mel has been around what seems like forever. Every heartbreak, every first date, every party and every year I've ever shed. Mike and I began dating in high school and have stayed consistent ever since. Mel would often ask me how I knew he was the right one. I could never find the words to explain how I knew, other than once you know, you just know. 
She dated guys throughout high school and college, some were disastrous! Sorry Mel! But there were some interesting moments in there. 
The first time I met Craig was just after Kensi was born. She had told me she met this guy going to Creighton Law school, she liked him a lot, but wasn't really sure about anything.  She had come over to meet the newest love of my life, little did I know I would be meeting hers. When they sat down and were holding Kensi for the first time it was written all over Mel's face, she found him. 
7 months later they were engaged! 

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