Wednesday, October 9, 2013


When I was little I always looked forward to decorating our windows and doors with window clings. I called my mom yesterday asking her if we still had our Halloween clings that we got from a school fundraiser. It was so cool, a glow in the dark skeleton that wore tennis shoes. Oh man I loved that set. 

Last year I bought the gel window clings and that will be the last time I buy those, at least for awhile. Sure the kids love them, but they love them because you can pull them and stretch them and you know tear th apart! I don't think I had any whole pieces left after Halloween last year. I definitely prefer the flat plastic-y ones much better. Plus they're a very inexpensive activity for kids as they can rearrange them. 

I found these two sets at Target for $2. Kensi really enjoyed placing them on the window and she's at the stage of making noises for every creature or animal she sees. Her favorite creature to find is the bat and it says 'EEK!' in a very loud SHREIKY voice. 

We did have a teachable moment this morning with the window clings too. Kensi learned she can't take them off and crumple them up into a ball. Not only are they a huge pain to straighten out, but the coloring will also peel off when it's stuck to itself. Yeaaaaah....we had a tantrum and an I'm sorry moment. She may not have liked it, but she learned how to play with them nicely. 

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