Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Yesterday we were able to walk through our house with our contractor and the excitement is really starting to rise! The outside is completely done, minus the yard of course. Today, they’re wiring all the cable and starting to insulate and then putting up all the drywall! Our house is so close to being done!!! 
This is the first time we’re beginning to see our color choices come together....and our house doesn’t look exactly like every other house on the block which makes me happy as a clam. This walk through allowed us to take pictures of all the plumbing in each room for future reference and choose where we wanted each cable hook up in the house. I was over the moon when our contractor showed me there’s a light in my pantry! It’s not a huge pantry, but it’s bigger than any we’ve had in the past and light inside put the sprinkles on top! 
They’re telling us we’re about 7-ish weeks away from being done, so we’re praying we can be done and moved in a week or so before Christmas! I would love that. I am so ready to be in our house and turn it into our home. I’m ready to have our stuff back and make it feel like ours; I’m ready to do fun activities with Kensi again like baking and crafts. I’m so ready...Let’s get this thing going!

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