Wednesday, October 2, 2013


September, October, November, December.....heck, all the months call for homemade applesauce, especially after we just and I mean just on Sunday bought a gazillion apples and they're crappy! But they made some pretty awesome applesauce. I basically followed my recipe {here} but I didn't have any apple cider or apple juice so I used orange juice instead and added a little Allspice. Although, now that I think about it, I coulda (shoulda, next time I'm gonna) use some of my Hard Cider that was in the fridge! How delish would that be? Hmmmm I think we need to try and see! 
The best part for me making applesauce this year is my incredibly awesome partner in crime, Kensi. Not only was she a great little helper, she was clever enough to lick most of the apples and take a few bites here and there, toss them back into the know....that way no one else would eat our yum-a-lish applesauce and we could have it. all. to. our. selves. 

Man I love her! 
I adore this photo of this Lil Pumpkin, you'd think she would be lick in' up frosting or ice cream....nope...this girl is getting every speck of cinnamon dust she can get out of the spoon. 

Sorry to our new neighbors, this batch is strictly for the Braden household. 
{Excuse our very messy, overloaded with furniture, furnished apartment. There's no where to put things!}

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