Monday, October 21, 2013


A few weeks ago I found a pack of multi-colored foam leaves at Target. There are dozens and dozens of uses for them. We've put them in the bathtub and Kensi sticks them to the sides of the wall. We also sort them by color and older kidlits can sort them by shape. They're also great for writing on with a sharpie. I would use these in so many ways in my classroom....matching numbers (numeral with quantity--one to one correspondence), match upper and lowercase letters. 
Kensi pretending to be a tree, using her arms as branches blowing in the wind!

Today Kensi and I used them for pretend play. We pretended we were trees swaying in the wind and let the leaves fall from our branches. Your babies are never too little for these fun activities. 
Kensi and I talked about how the weather changes in the fall to cooler temperatures and how the wind blows. She's not going to understand everything we talk about, but she knows what cold is and says 'brrrrr'. She also blows with her lips to make the wind. Not only she is having fun, building an imagination, but she's also learning and that's awesome! 

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